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Novak Djokovic, or the danger of loving your rivals

Jannik Sinner changed the history of the Australian Open by eliminating Novak Djokovic in the semifinals on Friday. Did he change the history of the entire 2024 season as well, if not more? That’s part of the danger of getting


Italy advance to Davis Cup final in epic battle against Serbs

MÁLAGA – The Davis Cup has once again reminded us why tennis is much more than a sport; it is an ever-evolving narrative, full of feats, sacrifices and triumphs. And with these historical overtones, Italy, led by a great Jannik

Tennis family-friendly

Diapers and racquets: why tennis becomes family-friendly

LONDON – Asics thought of a detail for its pre-Wimbledon event. The Japanese sportswear brand invited tennis players to customize their shoes before the competition on London’s grass. Several engraved the tournament logo, or opted for a design with the