Novak Djokovic, frustrated with one of his sponsors: “I’m not satisfied; my fans have difficulties finding my products”

Novak Djokovic en una sesión fotográfica para Lacoste // LACOSTE
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LONDON – After criticizing the Wimbledon crowd and walking out of an interview with the BBC, Novak Djokovic turned his criticism towards one of his sponsors and the way they do their marketing promotion: “I’ve been frustrated”.

“In the last few years, I have been dissatisfied and frustrated that many people, who are looking for my things, do not have the opportunity to find them in stores”, Djokovic said on Monday’s night after advancing to quarterfinals.

“This is one of my sponsors. Some things are changing for the better now, but I’m still not satisfied because everything can be better. I hope that the sponsors will raise the existing level of production and quantity, but also availability so that people have the opportunity to find them. Tennis at the level I play is a very popular sport that is followed worldwide”, he told serbian journalists.

Although the Serb never mentioned any specific names of sponsors, the question asked at the press conference pointed to the difficulty of buying in London the cap of his personal line, which today is produced by Lacoste.

The products of Novak Djokovic’s line can be found online without any problems, however, that does not satisfy the former world number one: “Sure, my products can be bought on the web, but it’s different when people go to a store”.

Djokovic’s team contacted CLAY to add to what the tennis player said: “Novak did not mention Lacoste or any specific partner. He also expressed his hope that his products would be more accessible to tennis fans around the world.”

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Lacoste and the title not yet won by Djokovic

A week before the start of Wimbledon, when it was not even known if the Serb would be able to play after the operation on his knee, the French brand gave Djokovic as the winner of a new major title.

Lacoste Djokovic
Lacoste accidentalmente lanzó productos para celebrar un nuevo título de Grand Slam de Novak Djokovic // LACOSTE

Due to a technical problem, the brand Djokovic has represented since 2017, released some products with the number 25.

Thierry Guibert, CEO of the French company, apologized via his personal Twitter account.

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