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Stefanos Tsitsipas, from Greek god to Haitian zombie

PARIS – Stefanos Tsitsipas probably doesn’t know who Ronald Agenor was, the greatest Haitian tennis player in history, a talent from the 1980s who rose to No. 22 in the world. But the Greek is well informed about what ‘voodoo’

Ion Tiriac, ex dueño del Madrid Open

Madrid has a problem (and Tiriac was right)

MADRID – In 2007, the four major tennis tournaments greeted with wonder and trepidation an audacious idea from Ion Tiriac: to create a fifth Grand Slam tournament based in Madrid. “One must have the possibility to compete. In prizes, in

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios is right about everything

Nick Kyrgios says he doesn’t remember watching Boris Becker on Netflix. And he’s right. The German is a failure, because not being part of the cast of Break Point, the best thing that can happen to you in tennis, is

Columna de Guillermo Salatino

Don’t ask what’s the best era – Guillermo Salatino’s Op-Ed

Guillermo Salatino’s Op-Ed | Gabriela Sabatini spoke, a few days ago, about the differences between tennis nowadays and during the eighties and nineties, when she was a pro. “Today the tennis dominance (in women tennis) is more changeable. Before there

Thiago Seyboth

Thiago Seyboth Wild’s mistake on his biggest day

PARIS – As Thiago Seyboth Wild was shaking off Daniil Medvedev with serves and forehands on the Roland Garros Centre Court, one question kept coming up from spectators and reporters alike: who is this guy? Logical. The Brazilian arrived in