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Djokovic y Alcaraz, reloaded

LONDON – With Jannik Sinner’s forgiveness, what will happen on Sunday, July 14 at Wimbledon is the perfect final. Novak Djokovic versus Carlos Alcaraz, chapter two. It’s that special flavour only rematches have.  Revenge is so tasty and unique in

Djokovic is Darth Vader

If Djokovic is Darth Vader, who is Luke?

LONDON – Anyone can have a day of rage, but Novak Djokovic is no ordinary person. The Serb’s was on July 8, 2024 in London, when in a handful of hours he got into a fight with part of the

Alcaraz y Nadal

Alcaraz and Nadal, another dream in Paris, 40 days later

PARIS – Carlos Alcaraz had it well in mind on his night of glory at Roland Garros: there were 40 days to go before returning to the Bois de Boulogne to pursue another dream, the Olympics, and this time hand

An enigma, a hit and a miss from Djokovic

Twelve years ago, in 2012, Ion Tiriac ordered salt to be thrown on the brand new blue clay courts with which the Madrid tournament intended to surprise the world. He did so on the night before the tournament began, appealing