Novak Djokovic to his haters: “You guys can’t touch me”

Djokovic haters
Djokovic envió un mensaje a quienes le "faltan el respeto" en Wimbledon
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LONDON – After reaching the Wimbledon quarterfinals for the 15th time, Novak Djokovic dedicated his on-court interview to his haters: “You guys can’t touch me”.

The Serb crushed Holger Rune 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 on Centre Court to prove that he and his “bionic knee” are on course to catch Roger Federer as the top champion at Wimbledon. After that test was passed, Djokovic’s dialogue with the interviewer at the edge of the court was not wasted.

“To all those who respect the players, I want to thank you for coming and supporting us. And to those who don’t, to those who don’t respect us, have gooooooooooooood night,” ironized Djokovic, who returned the taunts to the stands.

To encourage Rune (just like they do to Casper Ruud), some tennis fans started to call the Dane’s last name with the same sound of a boo (Ruuuuuuuuuune).

“But Novak, I don’t think they’re booing you, it seems to me it’s a way to encourage Holger,” the interviewer tried to clarify.

The Serb didn’t believe it.

“I’ve been on the tour for more than 20 years, and believe me, I know all the tricks. I know that’s an excuse to take the opportunity to disrespect me,” he said and then turned again to his haters: “I tell you one thing, you can’t touch me”.

Yet another episode of Djokovic ‘s friction with his haters, which at the end of the day seems to fuel his energy and give him motivation to keep on eating up records.

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