Fear of missing Wimbledon: “super human” Djokovic’s rush to heal his knee

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LONDON – A Novak Djokovic driven by his inner feelings and the irrational side is the one who will play Wimbledon.

Why, at 37, is he doing the impossible to recover in time from the meniscus tear suffered at Roland Garros? Why change surfaces and risk a relapse in a tournament he has already won seven times? Why jeopardize his competition at the Olympic Games, with the gold medal being the only missing element in his list of trophies?

Such questions did not only appear to Djokovic at the press conference prior to the start of Wimbledon. At home before catching the plane to London someone also made him question his decision to strain his body to compete in the third Grand Slam of the season.

“My wife also asked me those things. On one hand I don’t have the answer, on the other hand I do,” Djokovic reflected in the media theater, as they call the main press conference room at Wimbledon, the place where the tennis players who raise the most interest speak.

The answer he does have: maybe a psychological pathology so typical of contemporary society in the age of over-information. An acronym. FOMO. Fear of missing out.

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It’s Djokovic’s obsessive desire to want to be in every big tennis event. For wanting to win everything. Then, the Serb corrected himself: “It’s not really fear of missing something, it’s an incredible desire to play, to compete. Particularly because it is Wimbledon, my dream tournament always. Just the thought that I would miss Wimbledon was not right. I didn’t want to deal with that”.

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It’s not FOMO, it’s FOMW. Fear of missing Wimbledon.

And also there is in Djokovic a deep interest in increasing his self-awareness.

“As it’s the first time in my life that I suffered this knee injury I wanted to see how fast I can recover and if I can be fit to compete at best of five on grass with the best players in the world,” Djokovic explained.

Djokovic muletas
Djokovic on crutches less than a month ago, fresh from surgery in Paris.
Djokovic training at Wimbledon.

His knee is in good condition as a result of extra hours of rehabilitation and exercises, added to the usual strict dietary and resting routine.

On Thursday, June 6, after surgery Djokovic posed on crutches with his team with the Eiffel Tower behind him. On Tuesday, July 2, he will play for the 19th consecutive time at the All England Club.

“I told him the other day that what he does is super human,” Carlos Alcaraz revealed.

A “superhuman” fearful that the party would be held without him.

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