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Novak Djokovic, or the danger of loving your rivals

Jannik Sinner changed the history of the Australian Open by eliminating Novak Djokovic in the semifinals on Friday. Did he change the history of the entire 2024 season as well, if not more? That’s part of the danger of getting

Osaka's gestation

Osaka’s gestation: tennis desire and hunger for Grand Slams

When a pregnancy changes your career and injects you the dose of motivation you were missing. “I want to win eight more Grand Slams”. Measured by the most important yardstick, the major titles, Naomi Osaka is the most successful tennis

Mind games: strategic Djokovic wins also by talking

MELBOURNE – Novak Djokovic’s head kicked off this 2023 as the most differentiating aspect of his game. It is as important on the court as it is off the court. Thus, the Serb has taken it upon himself to propose

Korda Familiy

Sebastian, the “worst athlete” in the Korda family

MELBOURNE- The champions’ aisle leading to the Rod Laver Arena bears the name of Czech Petr Korda. Sebastian, who is walking there for the first time to compete on the court, taps a couple of times with his right hand

Tsitsipas the aussiest

Stefanos Tsitsipas, the aussiest among the greeks

MELBOURNE – Understanding the Australian way of speaking is one of the most complex challenges for anyone who’s learning English. Especially the accent and slang of that typical suburban, thin, blond, mustachioed like in the seventies, long-haired character who makes