The phrase is one of the most revealing that has been heard about Nicolás Jarry's darkest moment: "Doping was the best thing that ever happened to him". Chile's number one tennis player was always very measured and cautious to refer to

SANTIAGO, Chile - Sebastián Báez put his palms together and apologized to the crowd on center court Jaime Fillol at the Chile Open. The Argentinean won his sixth ATP title at the age of 23, beating the local favourite in

SANTIAGO, Chile - The center court of the Chile Open is the flank of criticism in the 2024 edition. Irregular bounces are viral material on social networks, however, the big problem according to the tennis players themselves is the risk

BUENOS AIRES - When the ATP ranking became official, on August 23rd, 1973, nine of the ten best tennis players in the world had one-handed backhands. Jimmy Connors, the tenth best player in the world according to that first official

BUENOS AIRES - Between Paris and Paris, Carlos Alcaraz prefers the golden Paris, the Paris of Olympic gold. "It's a dream for me to bring Olympic gold to my country," said the Spaniard in Buenos Aires on Monday, who has a