Rod Laver was categorical in betting on the winner of the Australian Open when the tournament was still in its middle stages: ""Unless someone miraculously plays their best tennis to knock him off they can start putting part of his

Jannik Sinner changed the history of the Australian Open by eliminating Novak Djokovic in the semifinals on Friday. Did he change the history of the entire 2024 season as well, if not more? That's part of the danger of getting

His explosion as a teenager and better numbers than the "Big Three" when they were under 20 years old have made Carlos Alcaraz to be measured differently. The media, the fans and his rivals do it. But above all, he does

Was it necessary, was it necessary for Rafael Nadal to enter into a partnership with Saudi Arabia? Nadal believes it was, that it was the right move. But many of those who follow him believe it was not, that he crossed