One month of life, one month of success: CLAY makes a strong impact on the global tennis community

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It seems like a year, but it’s barely a month: in just over four weeks, CLAY has made a strong impact on the global tennis community to establish itself as a benchmark for tennis fans.
We were born on 20 May in Paris, and we have reason to celebrate.
Our coverage was reflected in different prestigious international media, as well as highlighted in social networks by important referents of specialised journalism.
ESPN, Eurosport, La Gazzetta dello Sport, La Repubblica, Forbes, As, Mundo Deportivo, ADN Radio and various specialised tennis sites published extensive articles based on exclusive material from CLAY, a site that, with coverage in Spanish and English, has a global reach.
The interviews with leading figures found a special echo among our readers, who in just four weeks of existence are spread across more than a hundred countries around the world.
Martina Navratilova, Ion Tiriac, Alex Corretja, Nikolay Davydenko, Toni Nadal, Guillermo Coria, Christian Garín, Marcelo Arévalo and Fernando Belasteguín spoke to CLAY, and what they said was echoed by media all over the world. This genre of in-depth interviews will be one of the hallmarks of CLAY.
We have been to Roland Garros and the grass-court tour leading up to Wimbledon, the next big challenge. The 2022 coverage will continue with a presence at the fourth Grand Slam of the season, the US Open, but it will not be limited to that: there will be big and important surprises.
In this first month, we have also had important specialised journalists writing for CLAY as special guests: the Argentine Guillermo Salatino, the British Simon Cambers and the Serbian Sasa Ozmo.

In the coming weeks, more names will be added to meet one of the goals we have set ourselves: that journalists who do not usually publish in English can also showcase their quality and knowledge in that language.
The site’s audience figures, as well as the movement on our Twitter, Instragram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, confirmed to us, in just four weeks, that we were not wrong: the tennis public appreciates quality journalism.

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