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Women’s tennis doesn’t need more storms

You don’t need a PhD in meteorology to understand that it is not advisable to organize an outdoor women’s tennis tournament in the Mexican Caribbean during November. It is enough to google a couple of sentences to understand that the

Alcaraz Djokovic

Alcaraz, Djokovic and the only thing that matters: three or 24.

  Cincinnati gave tennis the best final in the tournament’s history and one of the best matches in 2023. Carlos Alcaraz cried, his brother cried, Novak Djokovic was moved and millions of people all over the world were, quite simply,

Breaking news: Alcaraz is 20 years old

PARIS – Breaking news: he had us all fooled into thinking he had been playing at the top of the tennis game for a decade. But no, Carlos Alcaraz is 20 years old. And until recently he was a “teenager”.

lesión oculta de nadal

Nadal’s hidden injury and what Djokovic really needs

Tennis has always had four unique venues: Melbourne, Paris, London and New York. That’s where the drama and glory is concentrated, and that’s where you have to be whenever you can. But this year we have to add a fifth