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Porque además de los partidos hay mucho para contar


    Clay’s managing editor has covered more than 60 Grand Slam tournaments since 1996. Author of “Sin Red”, a journey around the world following Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: The Lives and Careers of Two Tennis Legends

    He started making a name for himself in tennis in 2003, when she had already been retired for seven years. She has already chosen how to live that new and different life, which is life without tennis, and that life

    Rafael Nadal's life was, in that respect, rather dull and disappointing. Shanghai, London and Torino. The Masters, which is his name even though every now and then the ATP insists on renaming it, was neither kind nor generous to the most

    The sum of "Pakistan" and "sport" is almost as obvious as a 1+1: cricket. There is, however, one man who has been challenging the country's sporting mathematics for almost a quarter of a century, Aisam ul-Haq Qureshi. A source of pride

    This is what happened: during the US Open, in an interview of the two CLAY editors with Nadia Podoroska, the Argentine tennis player mentioned her girlfriend. It was a very relaxed and natural conversation. As if we were comfortable in our

    Smiling, amused, complicit, excited, embraced, united. Bathed in the same tears. What was seen between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on the final day of the Swiss's career was the perfect ending to a rivalry that began with distance and

    Carlos Alcaraz is the new world number one and Roger Federer says goodbye to tennis, but Rafael Nadal wants no confusion: his career continues, he does not plan to retire. "I hope you do not think that my career is over,

    When it's time to say goodbye, Roger Federer is clear that he must avoid what happened to Pete Sampras. Naomi Klein already said it: No Logo. In this case it is "No Sampras". When the American won the US Open in

    Roger Federer said goodbye and the succession of broken hearts around the world is overwhelming. The first, that of Carlos Alcaraz, who at 19 confirmed that not all dreams come true: on Sunday he won the US Open to become

    "Come on! It's here, it's now," shouted Carlos Alcaraz at his worst moment in the US Open final, when Casper Ruud was threatening to take a clear lead. And he was right, it was there, it was now. It was being

    There are matches that surpass tournaments. This is the case of the one that Carlos Alcaraz won in the early hours of Thursday, September 8, 2022 against Jannik Sinner. It was the quarterfinals of the US Open. It is also the