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Red light at Nadal ‘s traffic light

Is it the end? Rafael Nadal says no, that he tries to “look to the future while maintaining the illusion”, but the contradictions in his public message are now undeniable. So much so, that what the Nadal traffic light shows


Novak Djokovic, or the danger of loving your rivals

Jannik Sinner changed the history of the Australian Open by eliminating Novak Djokovic in the semifinals on Friday. Did he change the history of the entire 2024 season as well, if not more? That’s part of the danger of getting

Nothing new, Rafael Nadal: the limit is the body

Returning to tennis by winning the title in Brisbane would have been ideal, no doubt, but Rafael Nadal can draw many positive conclusions from his three matches in Australia. The main one? Something he already knows: the problem is never