Ion Tiriac, ex dueño del Madrid Open

Madrid has a problem (and Tiriac was right)

MADRID – In 2007, the four major tennis tournaments greeted with wonder and trepidation an audacious idea from Ion Tiriac: to create a fifth Grand Slam tournament based in Madrid. “One must have the possibility to compete. In prizes, in


Red light at Nadal ‘s traffic light

Is it the end? Rafael Nadal says no, that he tries to “look to the future while maintaining the illusion”, but the contradictions in his public message are now undeniable. So much so, that what the Nadal traffic light shows

Nadal is alive

Nadal is alive, the greatest news in tennis

The big tennis question of the last year has already been answered: Rafael Nadal is alive, he just needs to add matches to be very competitive. And if he does, what will happen if Nadal can string together tournaments and