“Alcaraz is human. I know I can hurt him” – Nicolas Jarry and the biggest challenge of his career.

Nicolas Jarry
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LONDON – Nicolas Jarry ‘s aggressive game will meet again with Carlos Alcaraz, with the Chilean’s desire to “stain the path” that the 20-year-old Spaniard has been succesfully taking so far.

“He is number one, he comes from winning Queens. Here at Wimbledon I have not been able to see him, but my game does not change much. I am always aggressive, I will be also against him, as I was in Rio. He’s very strong mentally, he has a tremendous forehand, but he is human. I know I can hurt him,” Nicolas Jarry told CLAY and few other media after his four-set win over Australian Jason Kubler.

They met for the first time in Rio de Janeiro´s clay. In the Carioca summer, Jarry won the first set in the semifinals of the Brazilian ATP 500. Alcaraz took the second set, and in the third, he closed it 6-0. For Jarry, it will be a completely different match: “We didn’t know each other there, it was a different surface. I know that now I have a tremendous opportunity to make a good upgrade. It will be an interesting match, where I hope to have good energy to give myself as many opportunities as possible”.

Jarry wants to be “in the main courts facing the bests”. And he will be. This Saturday, opening up the action on Centre Court at the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

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His record in Grand Slam tournaments was 2-11 before this year. Just in 2023, he accumulated six wins in eight matches.

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“I’ve always wanted to do well in the big events. I lacked a better approach in these tournaments, which are ultimately purely mental. They are so long, the tournament demands to be very strong mentally. To withstand the moments of tension. I’ve been able to work on that very well these last two years, and that’s why I’ve achieved a radical change between what I was before and now,” he tells CLAY in London.

“Alcaraz seems like a great guy to me, we have a good relationship.” A combination of the games of the Big 3? Not for Jarry, no. “I wouldn’t compare him to the Big 3. He’s a different player than them. He’s making his own path. I hope to put a stain in his path”.

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