Djokovic on Nadal and Federer: “My respect towards them outweighs my negative opinions”

Djokovic sobre Nadal y Federer
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Novak Djokovic disagrees with Rafael Nadal. In a recent interview, Djokovic said he disagrees with Nadal’s view of the Serb’s own sporting ambition: “Of course I don’t agree.

“I have no intention of speaking in a negative light about him or Roger Federer. My respect towards them exceeds some negative opinions I might have,” Djokovic on Nadal and Federer to Sportal.

The Serb is referring in particular to the Spaniard’s surprising analysis of the ambition of the opponent he has faced the most times on a tennis court. Nadal said almost a month ago, when asked about the race for more Grand Slam titles: “I think Novak, in that sense, lives it in a more intense way than I have lived it. For him, I think it would have been a bigger frustration not to get it. And maybe that’s why he has achieved it. I think he has had the capacity to take ambition to the maximum. I have been an ambitious person, but with a healthy ambition that has allowed me to see things with perspective and without being frustrated. It’s my way of living and feeling it”.

Djokovic on Nadal

“Rafa is a great champion and I respect him as such: my greatest rival who has helped shape my game and led me to achieve the results I have achieved. Everyone owns his own opinion, how he interprets someone else in a certain context. I don’t agree with what he said; I have my own opinion, but I won’t share it because I don’t want to delve into the matter,” he told Serbian journalist Jelena Médic after a training session on Tuesday in Belgrade.

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After skipping the Asian tournaments of the ATP Tour, Djokovic is preparing to return to the circuit at the Paris Bercy Masters 1000, as a prelude to the ATP Finals in Turin and the Davis Cup Finals representing Serbia.

After skipping the Asian tour, Djokovic is preparing to return to the circuit at the Paris Bercy Masters 1000, as a prelude to ATP Finals in Turin and the Davis Cup Finals representing Serbia. “I have to prepare well because I’m going to have three tournaments in four weeks. It will be quite intense, with a lot of tough matches. I have very high expectations and my biggest wish is to win the Davis Cup,” he confessed. Serbia will face Great Britain in the first tie in Malaga.

South American desire

Djokovic confessed that he wants to be a professional tennis player until the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games. In the five years he has left on tour, the winner of 24 Grand Slam titles will continue to focus on major tournaments, however, he revealed that he wants to do something he has not experienced so far: play official tournaments in South America.

“I was talking with Charly (Carlos Gomez, his sparring partner) and I hope we can do it. It’s a desire, of course, now the Grand Slams are my priority. Somehow the passion of the people in South America for sports, and therefore for tennis, is something unique and I want to experience that week after week playing in those competitions,” said Djokovic: “We’ll see. Maybe in the distant future, since I have time, I’m young.”

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