When your shorts make you lose 40.000 dollars (and take you out of the race for a Grand Slam)

el short de Jarry
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An exorbitantly expensive garment. The Nicolas Jarry’s shorts in the first round of the Australian Open cost him 40.000 dollars. How? Figuratively, of course, because the shorts were a direct cause of an unexpected defeat in the first Grand Slam of the season and  took him away the opportunity to earn the money for advancing to the second round.

The Chilean served to stay in the match and force the super tiebreak after four irregular sets against the 21-year-old Italian qualy Flavio Cobolli. There he found a great betrayal of his pants: in the middle of the rally, when he was 30-0 and his rival had returned his first serve, the ball he kept in his left pocket fell to the court and interrupted the point.

jarry's pocket
The moment when Jarry loses his spare ball from his pocket for the second time in the match // SCREENSHOT

Nicolas Jarry’s shorts play a trick on him

In tennis this is allowed, and if it happens, no punishment applies. The rules state that in case of any involuntary discomfort to the opponent, the point must be repeated. But it had already happened to Jarry earlier in the match, and chair umpire James Keothavong decided to take away the point: “Let. He loses the point. Second time the ball falls out of his pocket”.

After that, he didn’t keep any more balls in his pants, lost his concentration and the next three points. Break, set and match.

He has a pending conversation with Wilson, by the way the only one of his sponsors who did not leave him when he was suspended for involuntary doping. In 2024 he started wearing the brand instead of Asics, his previous apparel sponsor. They should reinforce those pockets.

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