Carlos Alcaraz ‘s hot shots according to Ferrero: “He still surprises me”

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Juan Carlos Ferrero has been coaching Carlos Alcaraz for more than six years, and he says that the world number two still amazes him almost every day. It’s those out-of-this-world’s shots that impresses him: “He creates situations out of nowhere”.

The 2003 Roland Garros champion explained in an in-depth interview with CLAY that dazzling quality of the 20-year-old tennis player to generate those shots that make the public explode and go viral on social media. “Carlos invents shots. To this day he still surprises me almost every day. Since he plays with a lot of intensity and explosiveness, that makes many of the points spectacular,” said the Spanish coach.


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Ferrero recalls some of those spectacular moments. “That passing he did to (Alex) De Miñaur with match point down in Barcelona (Alcaraz turned the match around and ended up winning the championship); The other day I asked him to do a drop shot, cross court-return as Federer often did. He did it the at the first attempt and won the point. Those are natural shots that he will continue to make”, he explained.

Carlos Ferrero y Juan Carlos Ferrero
Carlos Alcaraz & Juan Carlos Ferrero

Ferrer also brings out his measured side when he goes on to analyze the 2023 Wimbledon champion’s fantastic game.

“Carlos is not looking to play to make it super spectacular. It’s true that he likes to make people enjoy and maybe at some particular point he’s looking for a hot shot. But his  consistency, his tactics are not about looking for that kind of situation.”

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