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United Cup mixed tennnis

Mixed tennis love: the players want more United Cup

SYDNEY – Freshness, novelty and entertainment is what the United Cup is bringing. The mixed teams tennis competition, which fuses elements of its predecessors, has those who have tried it very happy. They love it. The last great memory of

The biggest taboo in tennis? Probably

This is what happened: during the US Open, in an interview of the two CLAY editors with Nadia Podoroska, the Argentine tennis player mentioned her girlfriend. It was a very relaxed and natural conversation. As if we were comfortable in

Serena, pressure is a privilege

NEW YORK – Serena Williams also means Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Billie Jean King, Beyonce… and how many other people and things? As the star that she is, all of those other stars accompanied her on a Monday night that